Thorn of Freya is named after the Norse goddess Freya (Freja) representing love, nature, beauty, and fertility. We love this representation along with the incorporation of the thorn-symbolizing the pain, shadow work, and transformation necessary for growth and awakening. Our hope is that Thorn of Freya gives you the tools and inspiration for self-healing.






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A therapist by training and healer by heart, I have always been passionate about healing and growth within the intersection of mind, heart, body, and spirit. I incorporate mind-body work in my therapy practice and am currently pursuing certification to become a reiki practitioner. I love hiking, finding unique restaurants, and starting creative hobbies (only to start all over again with a new one shortly after).






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I have always felt connected to my intuitive sense, which has sparked a curiosity about the world around me. My own spiritual journey led me to wanting to create this business as a way to learn and grow not only for myself, but for others on their journeys as well. On any given day you can find me spending time outdoors questioning the universe, or chasing my two kids and two dogs around our full house!